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Sandru Mountain Resort is situated at only 1.7 km from the European root E576, the main connection between Northern Moldova and Transylvania.

The beautiful landscape, the sight of the legendary Rarau, with its peaks surrounded by the deep green of the pine tree forests, the fields all around, all emphasize the feeling of calm and warmth offered by the interior of the hotel.

The winter in Bucovina, with its heavy snows, the spring and atmosphere of the holidays, perhaps the most beautiful in Romania, then the summer, rich and full of the temptations that lie in the forests of the Highlands, the long and plentiful autumn, are all invitations to step onto our threshold and allow yourself to forget, even for a few moments, the worries of everyday life.

The quality of our services as well as the beauty of the surroundings give us the confidence to assure you that your stay at Sandru Hotel will definitely be unforgettable and will make you wish to come visit us again.


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